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  • Are you dealing with chronic pain that is holding you back in life?
  • I can help you heal and find pain relief through Yoga and the therapeutic art of mindful movement.

Yoga Practice Customization and Consultations

  • If you are a Yoga practitioner or instructor, and something is holding you back from taking your practice deeper, I can help you step up your game.
  • It does not matter if it is some kind of physical limitation or a mental block.

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Qat Wanders

Professional Health and Wellness Writer

Qat Wanders is a professional Health and Wellness writer, certified herbalist, and Yoga therapist. She received her first Yoga Alliance certification in early 2009, and she is dedicated to customizing individual Yoga practices to suit specific needs.

Yoga Therapist

Yoga for YOU

Crafting a Yoga Practice to Suit Your Personal Needs

It is no secret that Yoga has become increasingly popular, and because of this, there are a lot of Yoga myths out there.This book will bust those myths and show you how to step up your game by giving you the tools you need to:

  • Introduce four techniques into your physical Yoga practice to get greater results, easy and fast
  • Decide which style of Yoga will suit your needs best.
  • See immediate results in how you begin to look at things and the ability to handle the situations that life throws at you with an even mind.• See immediate results in how you begin to look at things and the ability to handle the situations that life throws at you with an even mind.
  • Learn how to level up from the physical aspects and be able to approach life with more serenity, and with more optimism.
  • Progress faster in the physical world by learning to pay better attention to what your body needs, rather than what your ego thinks it needs.

Follow the advice in this book and experience immediate, tangible results!

Yoga For You-Book Cover

Client’s Speak

Clients SpeakClients Speak

Patricia Cameron, CCMA

I’ve known Qat since I first moved to Manitou in 2011.  I met her in a group lesson and she became my private Yoga instructor. I was relatively new to Yoga at that time, but because I have hypermobile type Ehlers-Danlos, I’m very flexible.  However, that flexibility comes with stability issues, and often times, lots of pain from spontaneous dislocations, or muscle spasms.

In 2011, I didn’t have a diagnosis, but Qat knew I needed to build more strength with that flexibility, or my practice would not improve  So before a physician gave me a medical diagnosis, Qat helped me understand that my body’s “gift” required more of my muscles.

Here in 2017, I received that official diagnosis, and Qat has been the most integral part of living with Ehlers-Danlos. I canceled my physical therapy sessions, quit my Yoga studio membership, and decided to continue private lessons with her.

Qat is so knowledgeable! She weaves in and out of formal training, the science of anatomy, and experience seamlessly. Even while I’m distracted and sharing a personal frustration, Qat notices when I have hyper-extended, or when an exercise isn’t safe for me yet, because I may dislocate something.

Lastly, she’s super flexible with her time, and I leave the session with homework that I have already practiced and thoroughly understand. Plus, she’s always available to answer questions. As I continue on my Yoga journey and get a little more advanced, I’m going to rely on Qat to get me there safely

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