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I love. I write. I wander.

I am a seeker and a mother.

Additionally, I am a professional Spiritwriter, editor, speaker, writing coach, and 5x Amazon bestselling author.

Because of a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and the beauty and nature of books in general, I formed Wandering Words Media in 2016 to help spiritual entrepreneurs share their messages with the world at a massive level.

If you have skills, knowledge, or a message that can transform lives, I want to help you make that a reality!

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Overcoming Chronic Pain Through Yoga

Yoga helped me overcome 30 years of chronic pain and dependency on pain killers. In my new book, I peel back the curtain to show you the lifestyle adjustments, Mindful Movement Techniques™, and reconditioning approaches I’ve used to help myself and my clients overcome chronic pain so you can too. 

If you’ve been struggling to find a solution to your chronic pain and are tired of medication, this book is for you!

Out Now!

Searching for Venus

A Controversial Quest for Acceptance, Love, and Spiritual Growth

Ruth has spent her entire life surrounded by conservative religious views. Despite this having been the only thing she has known, she finds herself questioning everything. She longs to understand the true meaning of existence and spirituality for herself.

In her quest for truth, she quickly comes to learn that everything is relative. Having been raised in a Jewish family, Ruth finds herself—somewhat unexpectedly—enrolled in an expensive, private, Christian high school—thanks to her impulsive single mother.

She does her best to fit in even though she feels like an outsider…

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