My Story

I love. I write. I wander.

I am a seeker and a mother.

I am a professional Health, Wellness and Spirituality Writer, Certified herbalist and Yoga Instructor with over a decade of experience in these fields.

I received my first Yoga Alliance Certification in early 2009, and I am dedicated to customizing individual Yoga practices to suit specific needs. My specialization is helping those who suffer from chronic pain, heal and find relief through Yoga and the therapeutic art of mindful movement. I work with many who have physical limitations as well as intermediate Yoga students who wish to get more out of group classes.

After overcoming my own chronic pain and a dependency on painkillers that lasted almost 30 years, I designed four techniques that teach people to become more attuned with their bodies, and rapidly excel in their physical Yoga practice.​ I have made a personal goal to help as many people as possible.

I am happy to work with clients in person or long distance, and I often travel to help students all over the world.

Client's Testimonials

It has been a genuine pleasure for me to work with Qat for close to a decade. She has a unique gift for blending the spiritual side of Yoga with her vast knowledge of human anatomy to create a fully-integrated experience of health and wellbeing. As a sister Yoga instructor, I call Qat to teach my classes when I can’t be there; not only do I have faith in her insightful approaches, I know she’ll bring her infectious joy to everyone around her.

Renee Moorefield CEO at Wisdom Works
Qat Wanders shares her brilliant book “ Yoga For You” for us to awaken to the potential of Self-Realization and Self-Healing towards optimal health. Each of us is unique, and by restoring wholeness in the body, the mind and spirit we begin to heal individually and collectively, thus living in harmony with the Universe.


Batool Merali Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Author of Divinity Within.

Qat provides what I have found to be a rewarding and educational Yoga experience.  With her extensive Yoga background and wealth of knowledge of the physical body, she ensures that all participants in her classes can find a level of practice to meet each person’s individual needs.  And for anyone dealing with physical limitations or injuries, she can lead you through your Yoga practice in a healthful, healing way.

Virginia Maynard

I have taken both group Yoga classes, and individual Yoga classes from Qat Wanders over the last two years, and she is a stellar Yoga teacher in both settings. While she provides an example of incredible balance, flexibility, and strength, she is modest and meets her students at our level of expertise while encouraging us to improve and challenge ourselves. Her knowledge of the body and Yoga goes deep, and she is skilled at interpreting her students’ practice, capabilities, and needs. This all came to the fore when she gave me a series of private classes where the focus was entirely on my strengths and weaknesses.

And, not least, she is a delightful human being, full of humor and wisdom.”

David Armstrong

Qat wandered into my life when I was 15. My dad had just died suddenly, and I was suffering from chronic pain in my knees and hips. I was a physical and emotional mess. I became her student, and she worked with me one-on-one for two years, assisting me in transforming my life and my body. I continue to look to her for guidance and support to this day.

Kelsey Shogren

Our family has taken private and group Yoga classes from Qat since 2010. In the general sense, her classes are well structured, flow nicely, and provide modifications for every level of ability. I really enjoy that she regularly gives the English and Sanskrit names of poses as well as her adjustments during class.

More specifically, Qat worked with my daughter as an adolescent after her father died unexpectedly. Qat was able to reach her when no one else could. Her one​-on-one Yoga sessions allowed my daughter to release physical and emotional pain and tension when she was holding everything in. Qat was the buoy that saved my daughter during the most difficult time of her life. Qat has the technical knowledge, years of experience, and intuitive approach to help beginning and experienced Yogis, and create the best practice for them.

Tracy Shogren

Learn how to integrate these unique mindfulness techniques into your life and Yoga practice with this Mindfulness Mini-course

Free Mindfulness Mini-Course!

    Includes a Personal Assessment and Custom Yoga Sequenc

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    Free Mindfulness Mini-Course

    Includes a Personal Assessment and Custom Yoga Sequence!.

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