My Story


I love. I write. I wander.

I am a seeker and a mother.

Additionally, I am a professional Spiritwriter, editor, speaker, writing coach, and 5x Amazon bestselling author.

Because of a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and the beauty and nature of books in general, I formed Wandering Words Media in 2016 to help spiritual entrepreneurs share their messages with the world at a massive level.

If you have skills, knowledge, or a message that can transform lives, I want to help you make that a reality!

With skills and experience in…

  • Composing well-structured and optimized articles, stories, books and blog posts with clear and engaging content in YOUR voice.
  • More than a decade in health and wellness, nutrition, Ayurveda, Yoga, world religion, self-help, and fiction writing.
  • Fourteen years in structural, developmental, content, and copy editing and writing.
  • Prompt and professional with every project. This includes responding to emails and phone calls.
  • Social Media and marketing aficionado
  • Ghostwriting for over two dozen Amazon bestsellers, one NYT Bestseller, and two Wallstreet Journal Bestsellers in the Self-Help, Spirituality, Business, Memoir, and Fiction niches.
  • Proofreading and content editing at Wandering Words Media, Maska Media, Pajama Party Press, Happy Self-Publishing, and Self-Publishing School

…Let me help you make a difference!

Qat Wanders has wandered around the world for most of her life. Her nomadic nature has given her a deep passion for world language, world religion, and different cultures. She is now a bestselling author, speaker, and mentor.

She now spends the majority of her time in either a cozy Colorado mountain town in the USA or beautiful beach village in southern India.

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