Searching for Venus: A Controversial Quest for Love, Acceptance, and Personal Growth

Ruth has spent her entire life surrounded by conservative religious views. Despite this having been the only thing she has known, she finds herself questioning everything. She longs to understand the true meaning of existence and spirituality for herself.

In her quest for truth, she quickly comes to learn that everything is relative. Having been raised in a Jewish family, Ruth finds herself—somewhat unexpectedly—enrolled in an expensive, private, Christian high school—thanks to her impulsive single mother.

She does her best to fit in even though she feels like an outsider; she meets the right friends and finds a nice Christian boyfriend.

All is well until tragedy strikes in her life, and several events unfold which change her life forever—including falling in love with Gwen, the only African-American female in her class!

The two girls embark on a secret quest together—searching for acceptance, inner-growth, and learning to honor the divine feminine within themselves.

They soon discover that embracing their sexuality is much more complicated than they could have imagined. The girls have extreme guilt surrounding their feelings, and yet they both still feel a profound yearning to experience life and love on a deeper level.

Ruth and Gwen experience more than typical high school dilemmas. They both get signed for prestigious modeling contracts which lead to a whole new world they never knew existed. A world where they are not considered freaks and are instead surrounded by people who encourage their relationship and even agree to keep it a secret from their narrow-minded friends and family.

Until they get caught.

Ruth is removed from the life she now knows and is sent to Second Chance Mercy Camp, where she is expected to “pray the gay away.” This leads her to question everything all over again. But this is only the start of her real journey. 

This is Phase One of Searching for Venus, where the inner quest for the Divine Feminine is just beginning.

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