Qatarina Wanders

Best Selling Author | Chronic Pain Coach | End of Life Coach

Helping people overcome pain in life and death on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Countless people around the world suffer from
chronic pain on a daily basis.

This is causing so many dreams to be abandoned, hope to be lost, and lives left unfulfilled. The power to heal and
experience the life you deserve is possible
through Yoga and the therapeutic art of mindful

Part of Qat’s work also helps with end-of-life
counseling and mindset preparation. This
essential mentoring gives appropriate attention
toward an oft-overlooked conversation that
removes much of the fear, regret, and isolation.

Speaking Topics

My Proven Pathway for Overcoming Chronic Pain on a Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Level

This featured talk introduces the four Mindful Movement Techniques™, covers internal cleansing, metabolic reconditioning, mindset shift, neutralizing negative effects of painkillers, reducing inflammation and gut health.

Transcending Terminal Illness

Focuses on mindset mostly. Also, dealing with pain and loss of mental capacities, grieving process, tying up loose ends, soul contracts, life review, karma, transition symptoms, angels and spirit guides, heaven/hell beliefs, reincarnation, and afterlife.

Sharing Your Divine Message with the World

Helping spiritual entrepreneurs raise the global vibration and make a big difference in the world by sharing practical steps to write books and online content, get published, and find a tribe of vibrationally aligned, raving fans.

“So many people have an incredible message that deserves to be shared with the world. I can help them make that happen.”

Qat Wanders

Qat Wanders is a bestselling author, chronic pain mentor, and end-of-life coach. Her signature process has helped hundreds of people overcome pain and suffering on a physical, mental, and spiritual level in the last decade.

After spending almost 30 years in daily, debilitating chronic pain, Qat healed using the Mindful Movement Techniques™ she developed and made it her personal vendetta to help as many people as possible.

She believes everyone has the capacity to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Qat helps people with chronic pain and/or terminally ill heal and find relief through Yoga and the therapeutic art of mindful movement. She coaches them through helpful lifestyle adjustments so they can neutralize the negative effects of painkillers to live with less pain, less, stress, more energy, and better mental clarity. She also helps people overcome pain, suffering, and fear in the dying process.

Qat’s work was previously featured at The Greatest You Summit, Happy Self Publishing Show, and Yoga for Peace Day annual event in beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado. She is also a regular contributor to Spiritual Biz Magazine.

When she’s not busy connecting with audiences across the U.S., Qat loves spending time with her daughter, Ora and her spiritual partner, Maximo Fleurival. She is an avid reader, writer, and book editor. Qat loves traveling, exploring world religions and languages, and connecting with her true self through meditation and Yoga.

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