Can I Edit My Book Myself?

It would be easy to just write, “No,” and then stop there. Because that’s the answer. But I suppose some explanation would help with understanding why it isn’t a good idea to ignore this recommendation and do it anyway. So, let’s dive in. A Writer is Too Close to the...

What I Learned Helping My Child Write a Book

So many people have been asking about my 10-year-old’s book-writing journey that I decided to write a whole blog post about it. If you have a young person in your life who dreams of becoming a published author, this post will be helpful for you!

The Connection Between Spirituality and Health

What is the connection between Spirituality and Health? Spirituality and health are one in the same. The mistake many spiritual people make is separating the material from the spiritual. They will say, “When I am meditating, I am being spiritual!” However, sweeping...

Let’s Talk About FAT – Is It Good or Bad?

Let’s talk about good fats versus bad fats and what they do to your body. Are they good for you or are they bad for you? There are a lot of myths out there right now. But I would like to address some of these myths and see if I can ease your mind for good. Here and now.

Compassion for a Dying Snake

By having compassion for any being that is suffering, we can learn to encompass empathy and love while giving pain a true purpose.

Yoga For Your Gut

We know there are a ton of great things it can do for our body. But today I would like to talk a little bit about Yoga for the gut.
According to Yoga and ancient Chinese medicine, disease starts in the gut. So it makes perfect sense that health starts in the gut as well.

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