Detoxification is Not Always Pleasant

If you have tried any of the detoxifying cleanses out there—or just overall detoxification in general—and you are wondering why it was so unpleasant, then I’ve got some answers.

If you have a toxic body (which, let’s just be honest, we all do to some extent because there is just no way to avoid it in life nowadays), detoxification is the answer.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.

We know it has all been contaminated in some way. It is really overwhelming and discouraging. But there is hope!

If we can detoxify this stuff and neutralize the effects all these toxins have on our bodies—our health will improve exponentially!

It is very likely that your body is somewhat toxic. And that doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong, it just means that you are normal.

Especially if you are experiencing chronic pain, then it is extremely likely your body is a little more toxic. Basically, if you are experiencing pain, that means something in your body is out of whack. This is particularly true for those of us who have taken a lot of painkillers in our lives.

Painkillers can do some interesting things to the body and it can really start to toxify things (read more about this HERE). And whether you are a chronic pain sufferer or not, there is most certainly some toxification in the body that has accumulated over time.

It is unavoidable.

There is Hope!

Please do not be discouraged. It just takes the motivation and awareness to know that this is where detoxification comes in. There are so many healing cleanses, fasts, and assorted dietary additions that come into play which can make a tremendous and very healing difference!

Detoxification neutralizes the negative effects that the outside world has on us.

Maybe you never even thought about that before! But if you have ever eaten a cupcake in your life—I’m just going to take a gander and say that a lot of you have probably eaten a cupcake at least once in your life—then you have exposed your body to toxins.

It is important to neutralize the effects. So I am not here to tell you that you are doing anything wrong or that you need to feel guilty. But I am here to give you options.

Because for some people, going on a ridiculously strict, “clean diet” just isn’t an option! Some of us travel all the time. I travel a lot and I know that keeping to a “clean diet” is not that easy.


Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

When I work with people and students in my program, I prefer not to tell them that they need make all these huge drastic changes.

It is just not always an option for some people; even if they do have the willpower to make these changes, maybe they can’t even afford some of it!

There are so many factors there.

I am NOT a big believer in giving you a list of things that you need to avoid or not do. I AM a big believer in telling people what they can do to actually neutralize negative effects and optimize the results their bodies are going to get.

So this is why I teach the Mindful Movement Techniques™ in my program. Because they help to actually recondition the body to overcome chronic pain. To actually handle pain better and push out the crap that your body is taking into it.

So About Pushing Out the Crap…

I want to talk about detoxification methods. I am going to get into this because detoxifying the body is absolutely essential to keep the body functioning at its optimal level.

When I take on students, the first thing we start doing is clearing out the body’s filtration system.

Our organs—they can get clogged.

Like a fuel system on your car—if your fuel system isn’t functioning properly because the main system in there is clogged, there will be all these outer problems going on with the car. These problems don’t necessarily seem related.

Like the gas mileage might not be good, or it might be sputtering. All sorts of crazy things go wrong with it. And no matter how much you service all that outer stuff, the problem is not going to go away because you didn’t service the fuel filter!

Our body is a vehicle!

You might be having psoriasis, eczema, all sorts of autoimmune problems—and then, of course, chronic pain. Low back pain is a big one for colon health by the way. Fibromyalgia is another big one.

All this stuff is a symptom—an outer problem.

Many people just want to treat the symptoms when, actually, the main problem is coming from deep on the inside. Deep inside the gut.

Disease Starts in the Gut!

Health starts in the gut too!

So if we can go into the system and neutralize the effect that painkillers (or just nasty foods or outside toxins) have on our body, it will function better. It will release these toxins better in the future.

The best step I recommend taking in gentle detoxification is taking activated charcoal before bed for about 10 days in a row, a couple times per year.

I always start people with cleaning out gallstones. And we aren’t going to get into gallstones in this particular discussion because not everybody knows they have them. But they are definitely a big deal and they need to get cleaned out of the body.

We work on the different organs and we start getting the stuff cleaned out. So that we can rebalance the inner ecosystem. Now the thing is, for some people more than others, detoxification is terrible!

When I first started really detoxing my body, it was awful. I had brain fog, dizziness, weakness…

Some of my pain even started to get a little bit worse for a couple days.

But I took some really drastic steps in my detoxification. Nowadays, I’ve learned that gentle detoxification is just as effective. It might take a little bit longer, but you’re not going to shock your body.

It’s super important to gently detoxify the body.

But you still might have some unpleasant symptoms. Think about it—you spent your whole life doing things for your body that have slowly caused these problems. And those problems might be painful.

So say you’ve been eating—we will go back to cupcakes—so you’ve been eating cupcakes for your whole life. And this has slowly, over time, caused a problem. Maybe you didn’t notice the problems at first. But eventually, this caused things like inflammation in your body, which can definitely lead to pain.

For example, we will go back to using fibromyalgia for instance…

You’ve eaten cupcakes your whole life and now you have fibromyalgia. Just a coincidence, right?

Think again.

Sugar=inflammation=pain=stress on the body systems=fibromyalgia.

Hmmm. It could not possibly be that simple.

Or could it?

So now if we are going to detoxify the effects of the inflammation we have to work our way backward.

And since it took painful effects to get here, it might be uncomfortable to get out of here.

Photo by Annie Spratt

As we slowly undo this work—as we get the inflammation out of the body—the body might have some reactions. Because it has gotten used to one thing and now you are switching everything around.

This is why I believe in gentle detoxification.

There are people who will try fasting for 10 days and they do all this crazy stuff to flush their systems. There can be some severe consequences of that! And not just discomfort, but you could actually hurt yourself.

So safe cleansing is super important.

It will be more unpleasant for some than others. I see such different results from my students. It’s interesting. For me, I was having not-so-fun results (which I won’t go into… it wasn’t pretty). It wasn’t painful though. Cleansing should never be painful! You might have a short flare-up in some of your chronic pain, but the actual cleanse itself should never hurt you. If it does, it is not serving your body.

Some people have nausea, some people have gas, diarrhea, bloating. There are all types of crazy things that your body will do when it is detoxifying the bad stuff.

Unfortunately, we just have to accept that sometimes we need to get a little worse (briefly) to get better.

I know that is not necessarily what everyone wants to hear, but the more gentle your detoxification is, the less severe the side effects of detoxing are. But yeah… if you’re someone who’s been dealing with chronic pain your whole life—like I was—the detoxification symptoms can be rough. I was pretty sickly for a few weeks while I was going through this, but it got better.

Amazingly better!

I felt rejuvenated and wonderful, but it took a while. It is different for everyone. Some people have such fast-acting systems! They detox and—BOOM—they are good, like an hour later. It’s ridiculous! Not even fair…

I love it when my students get better results than I did because it makes me feel good to know I spent all this time going through this pain… and designing all of these things… and getting it all ready for other people…

And it actually made it worth it! To go through all of these things so that I could help other people.

Being able to help other people was all the reward I needed. So hopefully this helps you.

If you have tried some of those cleansing programs out there and you wondered why you felt like crap and it made you not want to do it anymore—consider the fact that you need to get over the hump. And it will get better.

Healing is Out There! You Really CAN Heal Physically, Mentally, Spiritually!

Chronic pain affects all those levels, and we can heal on all three of those levels. So just know that there is light at the end of that tunnel.

I hope you’re doing fabulously today! And until I talk to you next time, remember—you could always work with me in my program. I am actually taking people into my program right now. So if you are interested, let me know. Shoot me an email.
And if you haven’t already; join my FREE Facebook group, Overcoming Chronic Pain Naturally, where you will learn more about my Mindful Movement Techniques™ which help your body jump start the metabolism to overcome chronic pain.  Namaste!

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