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“Does My Manuscript Need Editing?” 

Congratulations, you finished writing your book! Wait-what? No one else has reviewed your manuscript?! Before you hit print on your next book, can we interest you in our editing services at Wandering Words Media?

We understand – “But, my book is my baby! You can’t change my manuscript!”

Rest assured, we only intend to add polish to your manuscript so it can shine. Think of our team as artisans curating your words into the best possible message.

We will walk with you through every step of the process and do everything we can to make your book the best it can be for your audience to savor.

Who Needs Our Book Editing Services?

  • If you have a ready-to-launch manuscript that needs another once-over, this is for you.
  • If you have a half-baked manuscript that needs a couple more rounds of editing, this is also for you.
  • If your ‘book manuscript’ reads like a liquored-up college student scrambled it together, sweet heavens, you definitely need us.

What Types of Book Editing Services Do We Offer?

We understand every manuscript is at a different stage of development. In some cases, our first contact with a script is when it’s close to being a finished product.

Spoiler alert: we love those manuscripts! What more often occurs is a manuscript needs a fair amount of TLC to make it shine before it hits stores.

The editing time frame can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on the length of your book, the amount of work the manuscript requires, as well as how many clients are currently in our queue.

We organize our projects in the order of payment received, and then we do our best to be as efficient as possible.

What Are the Different Phases of Book Editing We Offer?

The different phases of editing include:

  • The Developmental phase is a comprehensive review at the current manuscript status. It helps with the overall design and style, considering the organization and intended use. In fiction, this includes help with pacing, plot, characterization, etc. Chapters are sometimes moved around and whole segments might need to be added or deleted.
  • The Content phase takes the document’s overall development and makes it better. Edits include transitions, accuracy, flow, voice, clarification, etc.
  • The Copy phase takes place once the manuscript is developed and the content is solid. This phase is where we review material for accuracy, repetition, inconsistencies, word choice, syntax, tense, and a number of other content elements. The Copy Phase tightens the manuscript and works to eradicate mistakes.
  • The fourth and final phase is Proofreading. A dedicated proofreader is assigned to review the manuscript one last time for typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is an essential last step in making the document as error-free as humanly possible.

What if My Manuscript Needs EVERYTHING?! 

Ah, yes, the ‘book manuscript’ that looks more Crayola than completed… this is where our full-service book editing approach is designed for you. Your manuscript will be reviewed by at least four people (unless specified otherwise). Our Full-Service Editing team has been vetted and works together like clockwork. If you are working with other editors outside of our team, please be aware your results may not be consistent.

Important note: these are editing services, not formatting services. Please understand all formatting must take place after the editing process! Because we work in Google Docs, the formatting between Google and other document formats does not always translate the same way. Therefore, any images, graphs, margins, fonts, or citations in the document may change in the editing process.

Get a more in-depth look at our Book Editing Process here.

What People are Saying About Our Book Editing Services

“Our chief “want” in life is someone who shall make us do what we can.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every writer dreams of delivering the most glorious and splendid version of their manuscript. Because of Qat Wanders, I now understand why authors thank their editors. Qat patiently brushed out the grammatical rat’s nest until it was shiny. She slapped periods on the ends of sentences like they were dollar bills on a poker table. Qat also put an end to rogue comma placement that was as senseless as machine gun fire.

I consider myself very good with words, and I have accepted the suggestions Qat Wanders made because it has amplified rather than diluted my unique voice. She has not only provided me with a service, she has me addicted to this process, and made it fun.

Qat Wanders has not only helped my book take a pleasing shape, she has solidified my identity as an author and strengthened my momentum. I can’t imagine working with another editor now.”
L.A. Baker

Author, Just Plain Lucky, Founder of Pajama Party Press

“Working with Qat on an e-book project I was managing was a five-star experience! Her communication was impeccable, and her processes for completing the project seamlessly were on point. Qat was able to meet or exceed deadline expectations throughout the timeline of the project, and the end result was a beautifully curated e-book ready for distribution. Thanks, Qat!”

Kristen Streeter


“Qat and I instantly connected. She’s a thorough professional, yet personal, warm and does EXCELLENT work. She has made my book read so much better while preserving my voice. She even gave suggestions for a title! I love her work and want to use her services for future books too.

She only accepts books which she herself is interested in reading, this is very important in an editor because you want them to be engaged in your subject! It makes all the difference.

Qat also always delivers on time and is super dependable and responsive to questions. Five stars!”

Geeta Rao

Author, Embracing the Best Of the East and West

“Qat has edited my book and has done a great job. She is very professional and genuinely cares about the book she is working on. She is so easy to work with, a great communicator and fast and efficient. Great work, Qat.”

Sharon Pringle

Author, The Spiritual Solution to a Permanent Fit Lean Body

“Qat captures and accurately channels my voice in words. The flow is smoother now and that much more inspiring to read … and I’m the author!!! Qat is able to rework unstructured paragraphs and sentences while still being able to maintain my unique voice. This is a rare gem to find!!! She is phenomenal!!!”

R. Raminyah Ingram

Author, Mama’s Manual and New Urban Rites

Qat made working with her so easy! We did a short sample and review and I checked out a few testimonials. After seeing the sample I was sold.

Qat has been very thorough and so kind to review, over the phone, my questions, and share tips and wording based on her extensive experience.

She has turned my book from a good paper to a finished product I can be proud of and not worry about the grammar police.

I can’t imagine working with anyone else!

Blythe M. Edwards

Author, Balancing My Bipolar: A Holistic Approach to Living a Life You Love

Qat’s unique connection to me as an author made the entire experience of having my book edited magical. She embraces every detail of the book creating process and takes it to the next level.

I was impressed with the way she communicated exactly what I needed to hear in order to make my book a success! Her wisdom in the necessary flow that my book needed in order to bring it to life for my readers made my job as an author effortless in knowing that I had her there to back me up.

Everyone deserves this kind of support when needing to remain in their heart space, trusting that the details will be adjusted without losing the essence of the creation.”

Brigette Patton

Author, Soul Massages: A Journey of the Spirit

Qat and I, we had an instant connection. It’s like two old souls crossing paths… that was very important because I was quite anxious about my debut novel—it was a nordic noirish, dark story… and some scenes or chapters… were difficult to write because it was a journey into the depths of many confused or corrupted human souls.

So, I needed an editor who ‘knew’… not just someone who could fix my English (not a native speaker) but someone who understood the story, the theme, and the unforgiving world my characters lived in. And then Qat popped up just at the right time! Stars aligned?

Qat is not just an editor to fix your grammar but she lets you keep your voice as well. She’s got something of… a story goddess. Hire her!

Aza Clave

Author, You Don’t Know Me

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