You aren’t sure if the creäture that just ran over your foot was a giant chipmunk or a baby monkey.

  • For some reason, the chipmunks in India are gargantuan. You see them all the time, and they have no problem approaching people. It is the same with monkeys. The crowds don’t bother them at all because they are accustomed to getting food that way.

A bird poops on your head, and everyone claps and congratulates you for your good fortune.

  • Apparently, being pooped on by a bird is a good omen, especially if it is on your head. People are often blessed with good omens in India because there are so many birds flying around the crowds!

You pass an elephant on your way to the toilet that is wearing more elegant clothing then you are.

  • Elephants are somewhat common pets in India. They appear all the time in parades, religious ceremonies, funerals, and weddings. And of course, they have dressed appropriately for the occasion!

You attend three weddings and a funeral in one day. The atmosphere at all three of them is equally happy.

  • Indians know how to celebrate. Singing. Dancing. Chanting. Weddings are a cause to celebrate new beginnings. Funerals are a cause to celebrate life. Even the cremation is a cause to celebrate the releasing of the Soul. There is a lot to learn from these beautiful ceremonies.

You get your muddy feet licked clean by a random baby cow.

  • Cows are everywhere in India! And so is mud. Cows roam the streets freely, and they are sacred in this culture. It is not abnormal to see a cow holding up traffic in the middle of the road. Or even wearing fine jewelry or a garland of beautiful flowers around their necks.

You see two men walking down the street together holding hands and don’t automatically assume they are sleeping together.

  • This is pretty standard in India. You don’t see much physical affection between men and women. It is somewhat taboo. But throwing your arm around your best buddy while you take a stroll down the street together is perfectly normal!

You find yourself waggling your head at everyone you see.

  • You might have heard of the famous Indian Head Wobble. It is a delightful habit of wiggling your head from side to side. It replaces nodding your head in the western culture. But it also implies the person is listening to you, or just saying hello, thank you, or you’re welcome.

Happy Roaming!


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