That Word Love

Some people avoid the word love like the plague. It sets off an alarm, blaring out with a resounding Get out now! Get out now!

But what makes this word so scary? It is, after all, just a word.

Many of these same people tend to use it casually all the time.

I love pizza.

Or I love that show.

Maybe I love soccer.

Or even, I love that actor…

For some reason, it is okay to use for a person when it is someone we have never even met!?

But do we actually love any of these things? And then, when it comes to telling a person that we love them; someone right in front of us, we tend to shy away from it with our tail between our legs.

This is particularly the case if this person is of any romantic or sexual interest to us at all.

Why is that?

For some of us, it is easier to say it to a family member, or even a friend. But when it comes to someone they are dating, they dance around it for weeks, months, or sometimes even years. Using phrases like I really like you, all the time. Carefully avoiding using the word love.

But the word love is only as powerful as we make it. We can make it extraordinarily powerful, and use it as much as possible to give it even more power. We can use it with friends, family, lovers, and even strangers.



Photo by Qat Wanders

When that happens, the word can dissolve boundaries, and bring people closer.

Or we can demean the word by using it to describe our possessions, our favorite activities, foods or places. But then avoid using it in instances like romance.

When that happens, the word becomes saturated with attachments.

The term is no longer unconditional, unending or ethereal. It becomes suffocating, demanding and final.

No wonder we call it FALLING in love! So many of us have fallen and could barely get back up again. If we could somehow find a way to RISE in love instead, wouldn’t this make it more appealing? It would be uplifting instead of intimidating. What if we could love without attachment or expectation? What if we could love everyone equally, even if we only chose to love one person romantically?

Where would the world be?


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