Qat Wanders: 5x Bestselling Author, Featured Spiritwriter, and Your Next Featured Speaker

You could get a traditional publishing house to send an ‘expert’ speaker and bore your audience to death… or you could hire Qat. You’re welcome.

What you think you need: a speaker who can talk about where publishing is heading for the next year or so and answer a few questions about how to get published.

What you really need: a speaker who will rock your audience and show them how to become an author with a great manuscript.

Qat’s Speaking Topics & Event Information

From Wandering Words to Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Did Qat Wanders write a Wall Street Journal bestseller for a client? No, she wrote two of them, plus another New York Times bestseller. As a five-time Amazon bestselling author, Qat shares this behind-the-scenes snapshot at how to cobble your collective words into a focused, attractive manuscript ready to skyrocket up the bestseller charts. You will learn the ins and outs of publishing, which questions to ask and which to avoid, and what steps to take to create a powerful manuscript.

From Idea to ISBN: Braving the Convoluted Walkabout to Being a Publishing Author

Fun fact: research shows the average U.S. adult would rather be a published author than a celebrity. Becoming a published author can carry its own gauntlet of questions: what’s an ISBN? Does Kindle formatting require an Advance Engineering degree? How in the world do you reach actual bestseller status? Qat Wanders presents this featured talk with a lighthearted, follow-me approach that will give you more confidence than ever that becoming a published author is well within reach.

Crafting Your Story - Even If Your Story Is Vanilla AF

Let’s be honest: if you’re just starting in business or jumping into the publishing space, there’s a good chance you think your story is vanilla AF. If that’s you, this is your crash course to find hope to find sizzle, spice, and reading oh-so-nice in the hands of your audience. In this sleek, fun, and can’t-miss featured talk, Qat Wanders gives you the step-by-step process for crafting even the most ‘boring’ story into an unforgettable experience. And yes, there will be inappropriate jokes. You’re welcome.

“So many people have an incredible message that deserves to be shared with the world. I can help them make that happen.”

Qat Wanders

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