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What Is Spiritwriting?

Imagine holding your next book in your hands. That’s your name emblazoned across the cover with your words stitched together into a powerful message that’s ready for the world. That feeling in your gut, that weight of pages in your hands, that’s the hope of so many. Did you know more Americans want to be published authors than those who want to be celebrities?

And yet, so many would-be authors continue to stare at the blank screen of death with each New Year’s resolution.

That’s where we can help. You may have heard of the term “ghostwriter,” a professional writer who can take your concepts and ideas and writes a book for you.

The idea of ghosts is a little spooky for us, but we love spiritwriting: same idea, less spooky for everyone!

Our Spiritwriting Process at Wandering Words Media

We get it- you probably have a lot of questions and more than a few fears about someone else writing your book. Our Spiritwriting process has six key steps to help you go from blank screen to a completed manuscript.

  • Step 1 | We hop on the phone with you to start a conversation, answer questions, address concerns, and start creating a timeline for your manuscript.

  • Step 2 | Our Wandering Words Media team then determines the level of preparation needed to start drafting your manuscript.

  • Step 3 | After hearing your direction, our team creates your working outline. Your job with this step is helping us best understand the ‘big picture’ of how you want your book to flow. Don’t worry, we’ve seen thousands of book outlines and know what works well.

  • Step 4 | Writing the first draft. You need to know you won’t hear much, if at all, from our team until we have a rough draft for you to review.

  • Step 5 | Once you’ve had a chance to review the first draft, we then move into our full-service editing process. This is where more members of our team get to review and provide their expert feedback on your manuscript.

  • Step 6 | Once we complete the full-service editing process, your book is now ready for publication. Our Strategic Partners at Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt have all the resources we need to help you bring your manuscript to market and drive sales toward bestseller status.

What the FAQ?! I Have a Question About Spiritwriting

What’s the Payment Arrangement?

We typically ask for a 50% down payment. The remaining balance is due before we start our full-service editing process.

Do I still own my book rights even if I paid for a spiritwriter?

All source transcriptions are owned by clients, such as talks, trainings, and voice messages. Wandering Words Media reserves intellectual property rights for produced manuscripts until we receive your final payment. Once final payment is received, we will then release intellectual property rights for produced manuscripts.

What if I need to get my book published?

We are thrilled with our strategic partnership with top publishing experts through Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt. Click the link below to connect with Chandler and his team.

Our Results With Spiritwriting

We don’t mean to brag, but yes, our Spiritwriting process has produced two Wall Street Journal bestsellers and a New York Times bestseller. While we can’t disclose many of the names of our Spiritwriting clients, we know our Spiritwriting process produces bestsellers.

Wall Street Journal Bestsellers

New York Times Bestsellers

What People Are Saying About Our Spiritwriting Services

Qat was a pleasure to work with. After months of putting my book project on hold, she was able to see it through to completion. Qat worked expeditiously and delivered a well-formatted, edited digital download I can deliver to my audience. Fantastic experience!


I cannot praise Qat Wanders enough!  If it wasn’t for her, I would have been stuck in the mire and muck of the book publishing and marketing process. Publishing and marketing a book was a nightmare for me. Each step was overwhelming, confusing, and anxiety provoking to say the least.

Why couldn’t I just write the book and have someone else take care of the rest? Well, Qat did that for me! I can truly say that if “Superwoman” didn’t come to my rescue; I would have giving up on my dream of becoming a best selling author. Qat had all the tools I needed to succeed…

What I am thrilled about more than anything, however, is that Qat truly treats and respects you and your goals of becoming an author, personally. She takes the time, care, and attention to your  project as if it were her own. That is what makes her rise and stand out above the rest!

She can even ghost write your ideas and content into a real book. How awesome! Especially if you don’t care to or have the time to write. That may be my next venture with Qat! I need to rest and recuperate from my current book ordeal!

In summation, from start to finish of your story, you need to hire “Wandering Words Media”. Then just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Rosemarie Chauvin

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