Meet Qat Wanders, Founder of Wandering Words Media


I love. I write. I wander. I am a seeker and a mother.
I am a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor.

After spending almost 30 years in daily debilitating chronic pain, I finally healed myself. I took it upon myself to put all of my content into a book to share with the masses.

That was only the beginning.

Writing has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As an avid reader, writer, and book editor, I am absolutely in love with the written word. (I’ve studied seven languages!)

Publishing a book changed everything for me. I finally found a way to get my message out into the world at a massive level. There is an unexplainable feeling of fulfillment and joy knowing I’m doing my part to raise the global vibration.

It couldn’t stop with me. That’s when Wandering Words Media first manifested. My team of editors, spiritwriters, and publishing wizards are crafting inspired messages to change the world for good. We know what it takes to get your messy idea of a manuscript or your close-to-perfect prose into a book, onto the shelf, and into the earbuds of your audience.

And we’re damn good at it, too. It’s because life is too short to keep your message trapped in the draft folder. Let us bring your life-changing story onto the pages and sound waves of those you want to reach.


Qat Wanders has wandered around the world for most of her life. Her nomadic nature has given her a deep passion for world language, world religion, and different cultures. She is now a bestselling author, speaker, and mentor.

She now spends the majority of her time in either a cozy Colorado mountain town in the USA or a beautiful beach village in southern India.

Meet Our Team

Vanessa Lynn

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with Distinction from the University of Washington in Seattle and a graduate certificate in publishing from NYU.  She has at various times been a paralegal, literacy coordinator, writing coach, academic tutor, copy editor, freelance editor, and literary agency submission reviewer.  She strongly believes everyone has a powerful story to share, and enjoys helping writers polish their work to be ready for publication. Two of her great passions are writing and editing. It is her privilege to help others get their unique experiences and knowledge out into the world.

Allison Rose Goddard

Allison has been proofreading professionally for two years and on the side for many years before she turned her love of reading and knack for finding grammatical errors into a business. She started by completing Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice and helping court reporters perfect their work by correcting tricky errors and ensuring consistency and flow within transcripts.

Now, Allison helps authors achieve their publishing dreams as well through her training in General Proofreading: Theory and Practice. She works with both fiction and nonfiction self-published authors to polish their manuscripts before publication to ensure the best possible reader experience. In her spare time, Allison can be found writing novels and working toward her own publishing dream.

Rachel McCracken

Rachel McCracken is an author, editor, blogger, and self-publishing coach specializing in true, inspirational stories, memoirs, and all things spiritual. Her background in technical editing, copy editing, and creative writing education makes her highly versatile and a perfect fit for both nonfiction and fiction clients. Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in English (writing and editing emphasis) and a master’s degree in teaching. She has helped numerous authors pursue their path to self-publication and is passionate about helping writers bring their manuscripts to life.

Rachel is the author of Chasing Kites: One Woman’s Journey through Infertility, Adoption, and Foster Care and the creator of Chasing Kites, a foundation committed to helping adoptive and foster families navigate the uncertainties and celebrate the joys of adoptions. She is a mom to eight children, seven of whom are adopted. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, although a part of her heart will always reside in her country farmhouse in central Washington.

Amy Lentricchia

Amy is passionate about editing non-fiction and considers it a collaboration among key players: the editor, the author, and the ideas. This approach may stem from her background in teaching composition and writing to community college students and her belief that every author is their own unique voice and authority.

Amy approaches projects with the hope authors will learn to improve their writing through the editing process. Amy holds both a BA and MA in English Literature from from Mills College and lives in Oakland, CA with her two sons and faithful German Shepherd, Owen Wilson.

Christy Leos

Christy is the Director of Operations at Institute, where she works on a variety of justice issues affecting communities. She is also a writer with a background in English Literature, social media, digital content creation, and some technology. Her experience ranges from editing short stories, books, and articles to drafting digital content and managing nonprofit marketing and content campaigns. She has a liberal arts degree in English Language and Literature from Rice University. She is grateful to have “the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Jean Knight Pace

Jean Knight Pace has been writing, reading, and editing since she was old enough to tell people how she thought things should be done. She worked as an editor for Organize Magazine, and is the author of the bestselling books, Grey Stone, Grey Lore, and Hugging Death: Essays on Motherhood and Saying Goodbye. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four children, seven ducks, two chickens, and a cat.

Jaime Lynne Lea

Jaime Lea loves to read. And write. But mostly read. She jokes that she was born with a red pencil in her hand. For this reason, she is embarrassed to admit that she lost the spelling bee in third grade because she spelled the word “judgment” with an “e”—an acceptable spelling in the U.K., but not necessarily in the U.S. She feels the sting of that injustice to this day.

She has a degree in Broadcast and Interpersonal Communication, and spent a few years working in television news as a producer and a reporter. This was where she learned the fine arts of telling big stories in small bytes and meeting tight deadlines. She spent five years handling public and media relations for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, the fifth largest district in the nation. She enjoys applying the skills she learned in her previous careers to her current work—proofreading, copy editing, and writing author bios and book descriptions.

Jaime lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in a small town on a peninsula across the Puget Sound from Seattle. She is an avid collector of memories and a passionate documenter of life. She and her husband, Robert, have three children.

Jesse Winter

Jesse brings over five years of editing experience to our Wandering Words Media team. He previously helped academic journals, novelists, entrepreneurs, and policy influencers share their ideas, inspire others, and change the world. Jesse believes words matter and should capture the imagination, which is why he aims to make every word count.

After several years at a variety of nonprofits and completing graduate work in ethics and global affairs, Jesse found he could make the biggest impact in the world through writing and helping others write. His expertise in a variety of fields allows Jesse to present his work at academic conferences and contribute to magazines, blogs, journals, and NGO publications. When not deciding where commas go or reading philosophy, Jesse can be found out running or creating—be it painting, worldbuilding, or telling stories.

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