What is the connection between Spirituality and Health?

Spirituality and health are one in the same. The mistake many spiritual people make is separating the material from the spiritual. They will say, “When I am meditating, I am being spiritual!” However, sweeping the kitchen floor is just as spiritual as speaking with a high priest.

This is why we feel disconnected from our bodies, which really disconnects us from God. The issue is Spirit has brought us here, into these bodies, to experience form. If we just wanted to be ghosts floating around we would still be in Spirit.

Instead, we need to focus on the physical aspects to allow God to flow through us. This would be through exercising, being outside, eating healthy food, enjoying our bodies, and connecting with the moment. We have chosen to be humans for a reason.

Now, how does this affect you?

It affects our lives because now we have to embrace each moment of our lives as spiritual. Not just the big “AHA” moments in our experience.

For example, when we are going to the grocery store we can practice self-love.

Would someone who loves themselves buy Cheetos and put that in their body, or would they get organic chips instead?

Does a spiritual person buy organic food to support healthy eating instead of corrupt corporations poisoning our planet? Is that loving to our children?

Is having a disorganized and messy home loving to myself? Would someone who really cared and was present live like this?

Spirituality and Health Can Find a Synergistic Balance

These questions are spiritual questions but can not be used in the physical. We are no different than a spiritual monk who lives in a temple all of his life. We can live the same way. God is not separate from any of us in any moment. The energy of Source does not take a break from our lives. It is always present and ready to love us.

My question for you is…

Are you ready to receive the perfect spiritual life, not just in meditation, but in every moment?

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